Vet Information

Tell us how you want your cases handled, and that is exactly what we will do. We follow your directions to a T. We charge $100 for overnight monitoring. This $100 transfer option allows charges to be captured by your clinic. The owners pay you for supplies such as IV catheters and fluids, medication, and any other items necessary for treatment, which you will then send with them for transfer. You send your orders for how you would like the patients monitored and medication given, and our doctors and staff make sure the patient is taken care of exactly as it would be in your office. This removes any confusion for the owner, the animals get the best continuous care, and you can feel comfortable knowing that your cases are being treated with the same care that you would give in your own clinic.

Jennifer C. wrote:
“Hello AAE staff!!! Just wanted to give update :) Junior (now Buddy) is doing very well, with the exception of a couple other things that popped up and again AAE was to the rescue! We cannot thank you all enough for the very urgent, intensive, and V.I.P care you gave to him, along with the patience, compassion, and kindness you gave to us :):):) It has been a very stressful time to say the least lol, however knowing that you guys are either a phone call or short car ride away has made it a ton easier!!! Thank you also for the Patterson referral, they have been so wonderful as well! Keep up the amazing work, and though we really like all of you, hopefully we don’t see you guys for awhile lol!! Eternally grateful.”

Angela H. wrote:
“Thank you Advanced Animal Emergency-Dr. Roach and Carrie, Riley is doing better…slowly but surely. :)”

Stephen Z. wrote:
“I wouldn’t think twice about bringing any pet I own to this hospital. The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and all love animals!!! I’ve recommended several friends and family if there’s ever an animal in need of care! Keep up the stellar work….. :)

Theresa L. wrote:
“Bugsy is home and back to jumping and playing..thank you so much for your patience and T.L.C.”

Heather B.:
“Oh my gosh I love it!!!! Your entire staff is awesome!!! Thank you SO much again! Max is much better!! Still not putting all his weight on that leg but, he’s back to my adventurous little puppy doggy!”

Patty C. wrote:
“You guys were GREAT, and very caring!!! You saved my Inde’s life. Thank you so very very much….”

Celia M. wrote:
“Thank you so much Advanced Animal Emergency! You are all Wonderful! He’s feeling better, and hopefully will be coming home very soon, we sure do miss our big boy! Maria Allison wrote: Rocky is doing much better today. =) Thank you to staff that took care of him last night.”